Jan 18, 2022
The main things you need to perfect are your Twitter handle, avatar, bio, cover photo, and pinned tweet
我们在Rethink Media提供的最受欢迎的raybet123培训之一是构建您的专家资料,该欧宝体育竞猜培训教会他们需要在雷竞技官网首页在线员工BIOS,LinkedIn个人资料和Twitter BIOS中包括的内容,以便看起来像专家。
We want to share with you some of the things that journalists, policymakers, and other influencers are looking to see in your Twitter bio when evaluating whether you are a valuable source.
The main things you need to perfect are your:
  • Twitter手柄
  • Avatar
  • Bio
  • Cover photo
  • 固定推文


This is your username, how you’ll be identified on Twitter, and what others will need to include in order to send you a message on Twitter. But when people want to send you something, your Twitter handle counts against the 280 characters that person is allotted. So, you need to keep it short, keep it relevant and keep it identifiable. This is easy for the ACLU, whose 4-character acronym is well known.

It’s a little harder for Win Without War, a smaller organization whose name takes 13 characters. The Twitter handle can be longer if it keeps it identifiable, but know that every character of your handle counts. So, just be really cognizant of the length of your Twitter handle and what that might mean for the people who want to get in touch with you.

For instance, Joe Cirincione, the President of the Ploughshares Fund, has the Twitter handle @Cirincione. No brainer.

另外,公共公民国会观察部负责人丽莎·吉尔伯特(Lisa Gilbert)使用Twitter @lisa_pubcitizen的Twitter句柄。这仍然是简单且可识别的(尽管如果她离开组织,她需要考虑更改手柄)。

您还可以考虑一个与您从事的主题有关的Twitter手柄,例如Jeffrey Lewis博士在Twitter wandle @armscontrolwonk上所做的。这适用于刘易斯博士,因为武器控制wonk也是他的博客的名称。但是对于大多数政策专家来说,我们发现您的名字的某些版本最容易识别。

Your Twitter Avatar

您的Twitter Avatar是与您的帐户关联的照片,大多数Twitter用户将如何首先在平台上识别您的内容。由于Twitter时间表非常快,因此您希望尽可能清晰且可识别的头像。
For organizations, this usually means using a high-resolution version of your logo, as the Campaign Legal Center does here.

确保它也是专业的图片。就像您的狗一样可爱,如果您想看起来像专家,请确保您的照片是您的照片,以及您希望记者和政策制定者都可以与您和您的工作联系。美国宪法学会的拉斯·费金德(Russ Feingold)在演讲中拍摄的照片做得很好。

对于您的头像,将大图上载在可以使用的高分辨率中,就像使用不错的数码相机一样管理,然后使用JPG或PNG文件类型。Twitter允许大小高达700kb的照片,并将其缩小到适当的像素高度。但是,当某人访问您的个人资料页面并单击您的图像时,它应该变得更大,不要保持相同的大小,并且具有足够高的分辨率图像确保当您的照片放大时,它不会被像素化(请参阅Aaron Common Profice,以下)。

Try to have your image be at least 400×400 pixels height and width. Twitter will take care of the rest.
截至2017年,Twitter allows users将无照片的“ Twitter鸡蛋”作为头像静音,作为其遏制在线骚扰的尝试的一部分。这比以往任何时候都更重要的是,将一张强大的,可识别的照片作为您的个人资料的头像。

您的Twitter Bio

Here’s where you get to describe yourself in 160 characters or less. In that space, you want to get across who are, where you work, your areas of expertise, and possibly something that gives you character.
Social media expert Dan Zarrella found that the words you use to describe yourself is correlated with how many followers you have. For instance, Twitter bios that use the word “guru” tend to have 100 more followers than the average Twitter account. And while you shouldn’t necessarily just use the word “guru,” the lesson to learn here is to identify yourself authoritatively.


以下是Rethink Media社区的一些最好的Twitter BIO:雷竞技官网首页在线欧宝体育竞猜

After attending a ReThink Media training, Naureen Shah of Amnesty International updated her Twitter bio from this:


to this:

有关科学家联合会的斯蒂芬·扬(Stephen Young)也有一个很棒的Twitter简历,他在工作中赋予他的头衔和计划,包括UCS Twitter的手柄,并在工作之外讨论了他的一些爱好,强调他是一个真实的,现实的现场直播人。但是,斯蒂芬(Stephen)个人资料中我最喜欢的部分是:“核发射法规与一条推文相同”,向读者暗示了他关于核武器的专业知识。

Your Twitter Cover Photo:

Twitter now allows you to dress up your profile with a cover photo. While this might not seem like an added benefit, it is another way to showcase your work and frame yourself as an expert in a given topic.
例如,在参加了重新思考媒体培训之后,请注意武器控制协会的凯尔西·欧宝体育竞猜雷竞技官网首页在线达文波特(raybet123Kelsey Davenport)如何更新她的头像和封面照片。
She went from looking like any young professional (potentially on vacation):


to a serious nuclear security expert, who journalists and other stakeholders needed to know.

See what a difference a couple of pictures can make?
Here are some other cover photos we love (start by scrolling up to look atNaureen Shah’s, Russ Feingold’s, and Lisa Gilbert’s):

Similarly, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding features a photo from an event, which is bright-colored, high-resolution, and engages you by putting you in the room at one of their events.

You can switch up your cover photo periodically to emphasize different campaigns.
The bottom line is that you want to be sure that your cover photo adds value – and doesn’t distract or detract from the rest of your profile. (Also readHubSpot’s blog post on Facebook cover photo do’s and don’ts。)


A pinned tweet is a tweet that you’ve previously sent that you can pin right to the top of your profile, so it’s the first tweet people see of yours when they click on your Twitter page. This is especially useful if you aren’t tweeting about work 100% of the time: This allows you to ensure that there’s always a relevant, on-message, compelling tweet right at the top of your bio.
Here are a few effective pinned tweets from the ReThink Media community:
In their pinned tweet, the ACLU highlights the ongoing fight for DC statehood. The text is short, simple, and convincing. They also grasp the user’s attention with a colorful graphic that links to resources and brings the audience directly into the campaign. It's very smart.

Center for American Progress takes a similar approach with their pinned tweet, an eye-catching short clip about ending the filibuster. Videos on twitter automatically play, and pinning them at the top of a profile makes it hard to ignore them. Viewers can also click the video for a direct link to take action.


Now that you have perfected your Twitter handle, avatar, bio, cover photo, and pinned tweet, you look the part! Begin following other policy experts, reporters, lawmakers, and other influencers.
Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about the best ways to build relationships with these audiences!
But you look good!